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2022.01.23 / 5.12.2022

Alternative and forbidden history

palenque mexico messico re pacal
The gravestone of Palenque coloured by Pierluigi Peruzzi

Alternative and forbidden history

You're on my personal website. My hobby is alternative archaeology. But also the Central American culture of the Maya and the South American culture of the Incas and all other related cultures.

SETIS and UFOs don't interest me and I'm not interested in the names of historical figures either.
It is not kings or priests who create a culture, but their people.

Really interesting is the real story, effective, without fantasies and certainly without UFOs or childish and religious interpretations of the flying gods. The development of an entire people like the Maya, the Vikings, the Romans, the egyptians and all the others is the true story. The clear archaeological finds, the misunderstood religious texts, but also the proven official history are the basis of my considerations.

The official historiography must be critically examined and, if necessary, corrections must be made.

In other words: today's official historiography is still a slave to its old mistakes. The most renowned professors and gurus of historiography will never admit that their statements are from an obsolete point of view - not in accordance with today's knowledge of the technology.