The deluge or flood
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2015.04.28 / 2022.12.6

The year 2360 BC

From my point of view (Pierluigi Peruzzi)


To the year 2360 B.C. I became attentive on the decipherments of Sylvanus Morley (1883 - 1948). He, and others, have found the following Mayan dates in Palenque:

  • = 19.10.2360 BD (gregor. cal.) Temple of the Cross
  • = 23.10.2360 BD (gregor. cal.) Temple of the Sun
  • = 06.11.2360 BD (gregor. cal.) Temple of the leaf cross

  • In jul. Cal. however 8.11.2360 / 12.11.2360 / 26.11.2360 BD/BC - The 2nd and 3rd dates are exactly 14 days apart in the fall. So 2 x 7 days.

    These 3 dates have absolutely no connection with the other dates of the Maya culture, because the year 2360 is thousands of years before the emergence of the Maya culture itself, which begins around 500 BC and started its effective high culture around the 1st century AD. Moreover, they are proper "exotic" dates of the 1st Baktun between the infinite abundance of thousands of dates in the Maya temples, which are practically always between the 7th - 9th Baktun. So why to give these dates?

    So I researched what really could have happened in this year and what was after. What stands out however very strongly is the fact that about the year 2360 b. C. very much is reported. Although it concerns a very old and single date.

    The deluge or flood

    One of the very first finds outside the Bible - describing the Flood - constitutes the Nippur tablet. This Nippur tablet was found on an expedition around the year 1900 by the University of Pensilvania. One of the expedition members and translator of this tablet into the English language was the German-American archaeologist Hermann Hilprecht.

    Hermann Hilprecht later fell from grace and so the already translated text was forgotten. Possibly, Dr. Hiltprecht fell from grace precisely because of this tablet. Of course, with a completely different, in itself ridiculous pretext of his statements about the temple library. For the text on the tablet of Nippur was highly explosive. It clearly described the Flood. Only there was not only one God, but even several and the Nippur tablet originated circa 2200 B.C. So a few centuries before the constitution of the Hebrew Bible.

    The famous Nippur Tablet

    The Gilgamesh Epic, confirms the contents of this tablet. It is also important to mention that this tablet was created circa 2200 BC.
    So absolutely believable in time.

    The text was translated into English by Dr. Hilprecht

    After Anu, Enlil, Enki, and Ninhursag
    had fashioned the black-headed people,
    Vegetation sprang from the earth,
    Animals, four-legged creatures of the plain,
    Were brought artfully into existence
    [37 lines are unreadable]
    After the....of kingship had been lowered from heaven
    After the exalted crown and the throne of kingship
    Had been lowered from heaven,
    He perfected the rites and exalted the divine ordinances...
    He founded the five cities in pure places,...
    Then did Nintu weep like a....
    The pure Inanna set up a lament for its people,
    Enki took council with himself,
    Anu, Enlil, Enki, and Ninhursag....
    The gods of heaven and earth uttered the name of Anu and Enlil
    Then did Ziusudra, the king, the priest of...,
    Build a giant...;
    Humbly obedient, reverently he...
    Attending daily, constantly he...,
    Bringing forth all kinds of dreams, he...,
    Uttering the name of heaven and earth, he...[...]
    the gods a wall...,
    Ziusudra, standing at its side, listened.
    "Stand by the wall at my left side...,
    By the wall I will say a word to you,
    Take my word,
    Give ear to my instructions:
    By our...a flood will sweep over the cult-centers;
    To destroy the seed of mankind...,
    Is the decision, the word of the assembly of the gods.
    By the word commanded by Anu and Enlil...,
    Its kingship, its rule will be put to an end.
    [about 40 lines missing]
    All the windstorms, exceedingly powerful,
    Attacked as one,
    At the same time, the flood sweeps over the cult-centers.
    After, for seven days,
    the flood sweeps over the cult centers.
    After, for seven days and seven nights,
    The flood had swept over the land,
    And the huge boat had been tossed
    About by the windstorms on the great waters,
    Utu came forth, who sheds light on heaven and earth,
    Ziusudra opened a window of the huge boat,
    The hero Utu brought his rays into the giant boat.
    Ziusudra, the king,
    Prostrated himself before Utu.

    Further indications about the Flood in 2360 BD

    End of cultural periods

  • 2360 AD End of the Nineveh 5 period
  • 2360 AD End of the Ozieri culture in Sardinia (3240-2360 AD).
  • 2360 AD End of the Memhite dynasty in Egypt. dynasties 6-8 are thus ended.
  • 2360 AD End of the Sumerian civilization
  • 2350 AD End of the IIIb dynasty in Mesopotamia.
  • 2340 AD End of the 1st dynasty of Lagas.
  • Beginning of cultural periods

  • 2360 - 2230 AD Sargon of Akkad founds the first known great empire
  • 2360 to 2260 AD Beginning of the 9th dynasty in Egypt. From 2350 AD King Pepi II of Egypt reigns. Thus begins the dynasty of the Herakleopolites (2360-2160 AD). However, it is difficult to determine how exactly the years 2360 - 2350 AD are to be divided.
  • Miscellaneous around 2360 BD

  • 2360 AD The legendary chinese Emperor Yao determines that the year has 365.25 days. In addition, he successfully fights a flood disaster. In addition, he invents the calendar to 12 months.
  • 2360 AD Lugalzaggesi conquers and destroys the city of Lagash, the ambitious king of Umma to conquer the Sumerian land by force. He does not even spare the temple of the goddess Nisaba, which no one before him has ever dared to do.
  • 2360 AD, Mesopotamia: Urnanse, king of Lagash, glorifies his deeds on a relief
  • 2360 AD Tomb of Princess Idut, Egypt. In it, the drawings on the walls are still very well kept.
  • 2360 AD Should have been born according to different traditions Noa. A date that cannot agree with the known dates of The Flood.
  • 2360 AD approximately the astrological Aries time begins after a period of 2160 years.

  • Discoveries and works

    During excavations in Nineveh the cuneiform tablets with the "biblical" Flood narrative (fragments of the Gilgamesh epic) were discovered.

    The author Ernst von Bunsen published in 1869 "The unity of religions in connection with the migrations" (Die Einheit der Religionen im Zusammenhang mit den Völkerwanderungen). Von Bunsen was of the opinion that the Flood took place in 2360 B.C. and explained this very precisely in his treatise. Unfortunately, Ernst von Bunsen was an avowed anti-Semite and racist. So he has pushed from the outset his treatise into the unbelievable.

    The found Maya dates in Palenque point clearly to October/November of the year 2360 B.C. Moreover, they are in autumn and exactly 14 days apart. The Flood took place in the autumn and after the end of the rain Noa let 2 x 7 days pass, before he could get out.


    In the year 2360 B.C. very many civilizations of this world end and begin. The Flood could have taken place also in this year. However, that it has not killed all people, the immediate emergences of many new civilizations prove.

    Personally I will compile still further and consider this page as not conclusive. Every criticism and suggestion to this topic is very welcome.