The Chinkultic Disk and the correlation of the Mayan calendar
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de-2016.08.1 / Dec. 9, 2022

The stone disc of Chinkultic

disco de chinkultic
Disco de Chinkultic

The "Disco de Chinkultic" is one of the most beautiful Mayan artifacts, indicating the Mayan date and is one of the most striking examples of the Mayan calendar. According to my alternative calculations it results in the Gregorian year 568/69 AD. And this coincides exactly with my determination of the alternative Mayan calendar calculation, since both 4 December 568 and 31 May 569 saw 2 solar eclipses over the Yucatan. A unique and rare astronomical event in just 7 months. A very rare event in the history of mankind!

The Chinkultic disk is the true basis of my alternative Mayan date correlation.

sonnenfinsternis vom 4.12.568 n.Chr.
NASA publications
solar eclipse from 31.05.568 AD

What does this stone disc actually show us?

To my mind a God who, next to the great disc of the Moon, amusedly holds 2 tablets in his hands and looks back and forth! Also, as if that were not enough, he sits cheekily on the sun.

But according to today's scientists, this disc is supposed to show the score of a ball game. I laugh my ass off!

The love of football and basketball has led our academics astray here.

Unfortunately, my theory about this beautiful artifact causes the "Semmelweis reflex" among today's official archaeologists.