Ancient Astronauts

2022.01.23/ 4.04.2022

Where did the "creator gods" come from ?

This is a basic question

Currently there are many credible and less credible theories about the origin of the "Creator Gods" or "Astronaut Gods".

Did they arrive in a generational spaceship?

Perhaps they reached us in an interstellar spaceship after a journey that lasted several centuries or millennia.

But on a classical generational spaceship a gravitation could be created with a maximum of 0,2 g, that is 1/5 of the gravitational attraction force of the Earth. This artificial gravitation could be generated with centrifugal force. For technical reasons it would not be appropriate to create a greater artificial gravitation of long duration.

Did they come from our solar system ?

Perhaps they originated in our solar system, (my present theory) from one of the larger moons that are already frozen today, or from Mars, which has since become very cold.

With the exception of Mars the gravitational force would not exceed 0.16 g. Only Mars, as an alternative, offers 0.36 g, but still only 1/3 of Earth's gravitation.

Were they originating from the Earth itself?

Maybe they were originate of the Earth itself that, after an unknown catastrophe, had degenerated economically and technically.

In my current theory I would like to leave out this last theory that, as a theory, is still valid and concentrate on the "External Gods".

They were perhaps the Anunnaki described in the Sumerian tablets. As for example in the Enuma Elish ?

In this case they would have come from our solar system. Since it is almost certain that if Nibiru existed or would have existed, it would have been a known moon or planet from our solar system.