The deluge or flood
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The intentional creation of a deluge or flood

Approx. 2360 BD there was a deluge. It is clearly proved by Sumerian and Chinese writings. However this should have come about, we want to disregard once. I would like to deal here exclusively with the intentional generation of a deluge by human hand. I am only interested in hypothesizing whether it is possible or not.

What is a deluge or flood?

First, let us clarify the meaning of the word "Flood" or "Deluge". In my view, this can be described as a state of "stepping over the banks" of rivers, lakes and the sea, caused by continuous rain. I don't consider a deluge to be a state where the land disappears under 2 km of water. That is not credible enough.

So we would inevitably have to cause continuous rainfall all over the planet, or at best melt the ice of Antarctica and Greenland.

Technical possibilities

About 30 years ago I learned about the possibility of melting the glaciers in a very easy way.

But before that, you have to know something about the light of the sun's rays:

If the light from the sun's rays falls vertically on a white surface, most of the light is reflected back upwards into space. Less than 50% of the heat (energy) of the light remains. However, if the light from the sun's rays falls perpendicularly on a black surface, then over 95 % of the energy from the sun's rays remains on the black surface.

Conclusion: While a white car can reach a sheet metal temperature of up to 50° C in summer, the black car reaches a sheet metal temperature of up to 120° C.

You can check this for yourself by putting your hand on a white car and a black car on a sunny day in a parking lot, around midday.

Phase 1

Effectively generating the heat needed to melt glaciers

We take a large fleet of military aircraft (about 100) that are capable of spraying powder. Or we convert these planes. Then we load these planes with black powder made from activated carbon. The environment will thank us for breaking down a little poison.

We send these planes to the north in summer and spray black coal powder on all the "persistent glaciers" on the mainland of Greenland, Canada and Siberia.

Because of the resulting rise in temperature on the glacier surfaces, the glaciers begin to melt in summer and grey, non-toxic water flows into the rivers. This means that we have to repeat this work almost every day.

The permanent ice around the North Pole should also be partially melted. The missing white color of the ice can then no longer reflect the light into space. The sun's rays then get caught in the water of the North Atlantic.

At the same time, we can also spray this powder over the bright deserts. As a result, the color of the desert gets darker and the air gets hotter. Here, too, a tremendous increase in temperature.

Phase 2

After a few weeks the following will happen: Part of the glaciers will have melted. A lot of white color is missing on the surface of the earth. The melted water is in circulation again and, moreover, the temperature of the whole planet has increased by several degrees. But now, as a result of the temperature increase, much more sea water evaporates and is sped to clouds around the globe. But clouds are white above and therefore cool, and below the clouds it is warm. From this follows rain, rain and again rain. Probably into the far autumn. The rivers step over the banks and there are enormous floods.

Phase 3

Do nothing at all. The many clouds reflect the white light of the sun's rays into space and besides, it is slowly becoming winter. The precipitation now turns into snowfall and the land becomes white again. Everything calms down again. But down below, on Earth, all hell broke loose.