Nibiru - Titan

2022.03.21 / Apr. 4, 2022


Is Saturn's moon Titan the planet Nibiru?

An attempt to locate Nibiru

from Pierluigi Peruzzi

Nibiru could be identical to Saturn's moon Titan. The Annunaki (Marduk or the gods) may have come from Titan, Saturn's largest moon. The new explorations of Titan by the Cassini probe suggest that biological life is or was present on Titan.

titano, luna di saturno
TITAN, a moon of Saturn
Photo by NASA, Cassini spacecraft

Titan closer look

Already in the year 2007 I pointed out in the web that on Titan (moon of Saturn) a biological nature, still before the biological nature on the earth could have developed. In other words, that the primordial soup might have developed on Titan first. In my book "Atlantis im Saturnsystem" (ISBN-13: 9783743180710) from January 2017, I once again underlined this theory.

In July 2017, scientists from the Cassini Project began to make the same hypothesis. As if they had read my book, which had been published six months earlier.

In addition, traces of various other organic compounds are present on Titan, such as ethane, propane, ethyne, hydrogen cyanide, carbon compounds and various polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

See EN.Wikipedia from december 2021, in English:

  • On April 3, 2013, NASA reported that complex organic chemicals could arise on Titan based on studies simulating the atmosphere of Titan.
  • On June 6, 2013, scientists at the IAA-CSIC reported the detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in the upper atmosphere of Titan.
  • On July 26, 2017, Cassini scientists positively identified the presence of carbon chain anions in Titan's upper atmosphere which appeared to be involved in the production of large complex organics. These highly reactive molecules were previously known to contribute to building complex organics in the Interstellar Medium, therefore highlighting a possibly universal stepping stone to producing complex organic material.
  • On July 28, 2017, scientists reported that acrylonitrile, or vinyl cyanide, (C2H3CN), possibly essential for life by being related to cell membrane and vesicle structure formation, had been found on Titan.
  • In October 2018, researchers reported low-temperature chemical pathways from simple organic compounds to complex polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) chemicals. Such chemical pathways may help explain the presence of PAHs in the low-temperature atmosphere of Titan, and may be significant pathways, in terms of the PAH world hypothesis, in producing precursors to biochemicals related to life as we know it.
  • If I should be right that the ancient gods or Annunaki came from Titan, we will all be able to prove my claims with the exploration of the solar system or later dismiss them as pipe dreams. The solar system, in my opinion, is full of archaeological evidence of these visitors.

    Nibiru in Enuma Elish

    On the over 4000 years old Sumerian tablets of Enuma Elish, Nibirù appears in two of his 7 tablets.

    Tablet 5

    Line 5After he (Marduk) had laid out the plan for the days of the year,
    Line 6he determined the celestial location of Nibiru to set the star distances.
    Line 7So that no one may sin or be negligent,
    Line 8he fixed the positions of Enlil and Ea in relation to it.

    Tablet 7

    Line 124Nibiru shall be in controll of the passage in heaven and on earth,
    Line 125you should not cross over above or below, but wait for him.
    Line 126Nibiru is his star, which he let shine in the sky,
    Line 127may he take his stand on the heavenly ladder, so that he can be seen.
    Line 128Yes, he who crosses in the middle of Tiamat, (the sea, universe, heaven) again and again without resting,
    Line 129His name shall be Nibiru, who holds the middle thereof.

    Nibiru according to Enuma Elish

    - In Tablet 7, line 126, Nibiru is a star.

    - In Tablet 7, lines 127, you have to stand on the celestial ladder to see the star. This allows for some interpretations. It is important to remember that with the medium and larger telescopes, you have to stand on a ladder. Especially for the larger Newtonian telescopes.

    - In Tablet 7, line 128, this star constantly crosses the sea, or the universe. I.e. it crosses the starry sky again and again.

    - In Tablet 7, line 129, Nibiru occupies the center of the universe or sky. That means it crosses the starry sky in the middle, like all the planets of the solar system. The visible ones and those that one sees only with a telescope.
    newton telescope ladder
    In the picture a large amateur Newtonian telescope with ladder. The ladder is important because the eyepiece of the Newtonian telescope is on top.

    Nibiru according to Wikipedia.EN 2022

    On a completely preserved cuneiform tablet Nibiru is described in more detail:

         „Nibiru, which is said to have occupied the passageways of heaven and earth, because everyone above and below asks Nibiru if they cannot find the passage. Nibiru is Marduk's star which the gods in heaven caused to be visible. Nibiru stands as a post at the turning point. The others say of Nibiru the post: "The one who crosses the middle of the sea (Tiamat) without calm, may his name be Nibiru, for he takes up the center of it." The path of the stars of the sky should be kept unchanged.“

    With sea and Tiamat one understands the universe, or the starry sky.

    Is Titan the same as Nibiru?

    Saturn is visible to the naked eye. Its moon Titan, however, is not visible to the naked eye. Only its main carrier Saturn is visible.

    In the Near East (Arabia) Saturn and Titan cross the sky almost through the zenith. Thus: they cross the sky in the middle.

    But one must stand on the celestial ladder to see Nibiru. So it is not visible with the naked eye.

    The Darwinian Theory of Evolution

    In about 550-600 million years (duration of the Cambrian period), nature can evolve from a single-celled organism to a human being. Now my first "stupid question":

    "What privilege does the little planet Earth have to the Cambrian?" The only scientific, objective answer must be: none at all!

    To claim "only on the earth" life can develop, lacks any factual basis and is to be regarded psychically-religiously. So we try to determine now factually where in the solar system this would also have been possible.

    The possible development of "cambrian capable" planets

    At the beginning of the formation of the solar system all planets circled around our sun as liquid spheres. Afterwards the cooling of the glowing, spherical celestial bodies began.

    Factors of rapid cooling
      - smaller masses
      - planets farther from the sun
      - lower specific gravity
    Factors of slower cooling
      - larger mass
      - planets closer to the sun
      - higher specific gravity

    size comparison earth, moon, titan

    If one considers that about 5-6 billion years ago all planets and moons of the solar system were red-hot spheres, one may ask the question:

    What was going on in our solar system then, a little later, about 2-3 billion years ago?

    At that time Jupiter and Saturn might have been "brown dwarfs". I.e. our solar system had very probably 3 suns. On Titan at that time earth-similar conditions might have been present. That with much lower gravity of only 0.14 g (earth 1 g).

    victory stele of naram sin
    Coincidence? Victory stele from Naram-Sin,ca. 2200 v.Ch.

    The possible formation of a biological nature on Titan

    First one should consider the mathematical probability for the emergence of a biological world! The evolution would have to have taken place according to the evolution theory of Darwin. Considered objectively, this development can also have taken place on Titan.

    Because, if the Darwinian evolution can really take place in such a way, why not first on older planets which had the right temperature in former times? Besides, what are 550 million years in the universe? That is only the "short Cambrian length" which it needs to make a human being from a unicellular organism.

    Why should the earth receive a preferential treatment by the laws of nature? Such a preferential treatment is rather the deep desire of the human psyche with its instinct of validity "to be of more value". Moreover, all this does not even correspond to the natural probability calculation.


    The possible formation of the human being

    Let us assume the following supposition

  • The primordial soup, or the biological nature had originated first on Titan. This before over 1 - 2 billion years, from the today's date at calculated.
  • The hot solar radiation would have made it impossible to bring the biological nature from Titan to Earth until approx. 600 - 800 million years ago.
  • The human being as such would have originated (pure supposition) over 600 million years ago on Titan.
  • This development would have taken a very long time and would have left traces. Traces, by the way, that cannot be found on earth, because erosion has eliminated everything. There is no connection from Neanderthal man to Kennewick man. And, "According to studies based on DNA analysis, Neanderthal man is not a direct ancestor of modern man."see: Wikipedia-Neanderthal Man. However, we will certainly find the mentioned traces again on the various satellites and celestial bodies of the solar system.

    But, if my theory should be only approximately correct, what do these people do with the x-fold gravity on Earth?

    They die en masse on Earth or settle underground on Mars or a moon. Only a few are likely to have survived. First the earth was too hot - with exception of Greenland, the Antarctic and the mountain tops over 3000 m.a.s.l. - and the life around Saturn was still in order. After that came the ice ages on Earth. These ice ages prove that our Sun has thermal variations.

    Pre-Glacial ageIce age 100'000 years agoPost-glacial period 10'000 years ago
    Titanokunknowndeadly cold
    Marsokunknowndeadly cold
    Earthtoo hotunknownok

    The interglacial period and new warmth from our Sun

    Let's look at the period of the Neanderthals. So the time between the 2 last ice ages. Why are there no findings of the today's (or at that time) Homo Sapiens here?

    Most likely it was warm enough to live on a moon of Jupiter. And probably the people were already so much used to live in bunker systems that they detested the humid nature of the earth, full of bacteria. Earth was too "dirty", "unclean" and with too strong gravity for their standards. So why flee to it? To be squeezed by the strong gravity?

    But later came the big event, also for the eventual bunker systems.

    The 2. big cooling approx. 100'000 years ago
    The last ice age on earth

    The last ice age on the earth - which is to be seen in direct connection with the solar activity - should have made then even on the moons of the Jupiter the life in bunkers and with space suits very difficult. Even then, if people lived in well developed bunker systems, even then you might not have expected such a strong cooling of the sun.

    The reduced energy output from the sun during the last ice age may have finished off this advanced civilization.


    The end of the last ice age on earth about 10'000 years ago

    Suddenly the Kennewick man appears, exactly at the end of the last ice age and afterwards the Ötzi. Both clearly today's Homo Sapiens.

    Where should these have come from?

    This supports my theory with the earth as last refuge. The strong gravity of the earth might have killed the weaker ones very fast. Still today we humans have our dear trouble at the hips and at the back in the age. At the feet we need good shoes to get no problems.

    The Gods or Annunaki had to create a new mankind. With shorter legs, stronger bones and more musculature. Or simply change themselves so that their descendants could live on earth.